Thursday, January 8, 2009

Halloween...Grammy...Grandma.....and more

Well, I am a little behind in posting on the blog (as usual). We have done so much this fall and I haven't posted any of it!
Here are some pictures from a visit to Stillwater, a visit from Greg's mom, Halloween, and a few random pictures we have taken this fall. If you look closely, you can tell how much he has grown over the fall.

Greg and our little Gangsta!

Trick or Treat

I love my Daddy!

Grandma and Michael
(Greg's Mom)

Papa and Michael
(Ashlee's Dad)

Grammy and Michael
(Ashlee's Mom)

Relaxing on the Hammock

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This year we spent Christmas at my sister's in Ohio. It was so fun. My parents came and it was so good to see them. It was fun to be together, but we missed my brother's family. Sydnee and Dale were great hosts and treated us to too many yummy meals and desserts. When I left, I thought I may never need to eat again. Seriously, I am ready for the New Year diet!
Anyway, we had a great time. Michael loved being with Grammy and Papa and his cousins. It was so cute to watch him with Ellee and Parker, you could tell that he thought everything they did was so fun!

Christmas Eve
(Parker, Michael, Ellee)

After Santa's Visit!

Christmas Morning
At the top of the stairs waiting to come down.

Showing Ellee what Santa brought!

Enough of the presents! Let's play in the boxes!

All of the Loot!

A new set up golf clubs
(his second set at age 14 months!)

A real Steelers Fan!

Happy New Year!
Michael made his own hat!