Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boiler Up!!

Michael has been to a couple of football games this year, and much to his Daddy's delight, he loves it!! He loves wearing his Purdue jersey, he loves the band, he loves the crowd, he loves the cheers, and he loves the food!! This past Saturday, was the Purdue / Ohio State game...and guess what?!?! Purdue WON! It was Purdue's first win over a ranked opponent since 2003, so it was almost historic! ;)

Anyway, Michael did great at the game even though it started at Noon (his nap time). He made lots of friends with everyone around us. He really is quite the charmer!

Michael with Devon Brouse - Head Golf Coach

Michael loves Devon and thankfully, Coach Brouse is fond of Michael

"Hey - is that my popcorn I dropped in the 2nd Quarter?"

"Wow - 4 Quarters really wears a little man out!"

Still asleep - through the 4th Quarter, walk to the car, and the car ride.

"By the way, did the Boilers Win?"

Still asleep after the car ride and being transferred into the house.

Nothing is waking up this little man!

Below are some other cute pictures we have taken lately.

Michael proudly wearing his Purdue jersey.

He cried when I made him take it off for bath time

Michael hiding in our closet.

I love his smile!

Hiking or sitting on the football.

Or boofall, as Michael likes to call it!

Well, after a nine month hiatus, I thought I would update our blog. Who knows if anyone is reading it anymore, but I decided to give it another try.