Thursday, January 24, 2008

Michael Goes to Nashville!

This past weekend Michael et al went to Nashville to attend the Scoop for CAbi. For those of you who don't know what CAbi is, it is a clothing line that I sell through home shows, and the Scoop is the semi-annual conference that I attend. This time it was in Nashville at the Opry Land hotel. The hotel was huge and awesome! We had a great time and Michael was a real hit with the 2500 CAbi ladies. He was affectionately known at the cutest CAbi baby!! I'll tell you what, he has honed his flirting skills! He can smile and bat his eyelashes shamelessly.

During the day, Michael spent his time with his Daddy. They had so much fun exploring the hotel. The hotel is full of waterfalls and gardens. Michael loved to observe all that was going on around him and loved all of the sounds. Greg loved spending so much time with Michael. It was the most time he has spent with him on his own and he did a great job! He even handled a couple of blow outs!! Yuck!!

Michael and Greg living it up Nashville style!

Michael and Greg by a waterfall at the Opryland Hotel

More waterfalls!

Aren't we a cute family!! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Robertson Look-alike Meter

This was fun and easy to do! I knew he looked more like me!! :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sick Day

Today, Michael woke up with a fever. He has been fighting a cold all weekend. Both Greg and I noticed that he was fussy yesterday, but we thought is was just the cold. Usually he wakes up around 7:30 in the morning, but today it was 8:00 and he will wasn't up. I went in to wake him up to get dressed, but he was so sleepy. Finally I was able to wake him up enough to feed him and while I was feeding him, I noticed that he was really hot. We took his temperature and it was 100.4. I gave him some Tylenol and called the doctor to see if I should do anything else. The nurse said that he needed to come in. They always want to check a baby as young as he is, if they are running a fever. So we have an appointment at 3:45. I'm sure he is okay, but it will be nice to have the doctor look at him.

On to happier news! Michael went to his first Purdue basketball game on Saturday. Purdue played Ohio State and won. The game was lots of fun and Michael enjoyed most of it. He did get scared and started the cry when the crowd (as his Daddy) started booing. I think it was the first time he heard his Dad yell. Anyway, after that he got used to it and enjoyed the noise. Below is a picture of him in his Purdue gear.

Boiler UP!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mommy Back To Work, Michael Goes To School

Hello all! This is our first attempt to start a blog. We were so inspired by Liberty's blog, that we thought it would be fun to give it a try. This will be a great way to keep everyone posted on life in Indiana.

This was a tough week for me. I started back at work and Michael went to daycare at Just Us Kids. Monday was very hard, but we made it though. I had to do my best to keep from completely breaking down and sobbing. But the ladies at the daycare were so kind and really tried to reassure me that Michael would be okay. They also told me that I was welcome to come over anytime to visit or feed Michael. So Greg has been packing our lunches and we have gone over everyday at lunch. This way we can eat together and I can feed Michael. It really has made it better. Knowing that I can see him in just three or four hours has made it a lot easier to leave him in the morning.

I also received a surprise on Monday when Michael sent me flowers. They were beautiful and the card said, "don't worry Mom, I'm doing just fine". That made me feel better and I was quite impressed that he was able to order them all by himself. However, I have a suspicion that he got some help from his Daddy, when I saw the order show up on Greg's credit card. :)

Well, Michael has already melted the hearts of all of his teachers. Everyday, they give us a report card that tells us when he naps, eats, and has his diaper changed. They also tell us what his mood was. Everyday they mark that he was happy in both the morning and afternoon. One of his teachers has already offered to babysit him because she said they really like each other. As hard as it is to be away from him, it really makes me feel better to know that he is being cared for by such nice people.

Well, I better get to bed. Michael will be waking up soon...:)

Michael Ready For School
Michael After His Bath
Flowers Michael Sent to Mommy