Friday, January 29, 2010

Christmas in Roswell...and a few other pictures

Well, I am finally getting around to posting our Christmas Pictures. This year, we went to Roswell to spend Christmas with Greg's parents, grandparents, and sister and her husband. We had a great time...once we got there! Yes, we were some of those people stuck in the Dallas airport on Christmas Eve! Because of Greg's schedule, we had to leave for Roswell on the 24th. I was very nervous about traveling on Christmas Eve, that something would go wrong and we would miss Christmas, but we didn't have a choice. I thought, if we can just get out of Indiana and to Dallas, we will be fine. What did I know. As we were waiting in the Indy airport, I noticed a TV that had the weather on. They were talking about a BIG snow storm. I didn't pay much attention at first and then noticed that the map looked like Texas. I then realized they were talking about Dallas! Oh no! After being really upset, frustrated and delayed...I relaxed and realized, that there was nothing we could do and to just let it go. I was so grateful that Michael was only 2 and wouldn't miss Santa and all of the Christmas festivities, since he didn't really understand them anyway. I couldn't imagine what it would have been like if he had been 6 and freaking out because Santa wouldn't know to come to the Dallas airport.

Well, we finally made it to Dallas and found that our flight to Roswell had been cancelled. They re-booked us on a flight to Albuquerque and Greg's sister booked us a room at a hotel near the airport. Our flight to Albuquerque was delayed for several hours and didn't leave until 1:00 am central time (2:00 am eastern, our time). Of course, Michael stayed up the whole time. Thank goodness he was very good as long as he was being pushed in the stroller or running around. He didn't want to sit or lay down AT ALL! While we were waiting it out in Dallas, I noticed that Michael had a rash. I first noticed it on his neck, then on his stomach, then all over. We later discovered that they were hives....more about that later. Finally, at 3:00 am mountain time (5:00 am eastern and Christmas morning) we settled in bed at the Courtyard Marriott in Albuquerque. What a night!
We woke up around 9:00 and went down to the lobby for a warm breakfast. It tasted so good after a day of airport food!

Michael eating breakfast Christmas morning, 2009!

Then around 10:00, Greg's Dad and JoJo's husband picked us up for the 3 hour drive to Roswell. We got to Roswell at 1:00 pm Christmas day. So much for my ideas of how our Christmas would be. But that didn't matter. We had a great time once we got there and it was great to be with family. I told Greg while we were waiting in the Dallas airport, "at least we are together. That is what is important". Everyone was so glad once we got there and anxious to start opening gifts!

Michael seeing what Santa brought him!

A putting green!

All of the loot!

Another one of his favorite gifts! A Steelers helmet!

On Saturday, Michael's "rash" had not gone away, so I called the doctor. They told me that it was probably hives, but they wanted him checked by a doctor. So, we spent 3 hours in the ER on Saturday. Finally, they confirmed they were hives and had no idea what brought them on. We got some meds and then were ready to start enjoying our time there!

This picture really shows his hives
(cheeks, neck, and hands)

After Christmas, we went backed to Greg's parents home, where everything was ready for Michael. Becky ordered a rubber mat for him to play on, since they have all tile in their home. It was like a play ground just for Michael! She also had a CD full of Elmo songs that Michael just loved. He learned to turn on the CD player and turn the volume WAY up! He likes to listen to Elmo loud! She also had some rhythm sticks for him to play with and a whole bunch of activities!

Puppy ears made by Grandma

Frosting chocolate cookies with Elmo decorations!
It snowed in Roswell too, so Grandma and Michael built a snowman
We also went to the New Mexico Military Institute
where Michael got to swim and play basketball
On New Year's Eve, we had some noise makers. Michael was having a hard time blowing his and making noise. I noticed that he was blowing through his nose, so I plugged it. When he realized that made it work, he thought he had to plug his nose all of the time. It was pretty cute and funny!

After New Year's Day, our fun trip was over. And wouldn't you know it, we were delayed on our way home too! This time it wasn't so bad. Michael was really a great kid through it all. Below is a picture we took at the Memphis airport. What a cutie!

Once we got back to West Lafayette, we were greeted with more snow. It was freezing, but I wanted Michael to have a chance and get out and play in it. It was 15 degrees, so we really had to bundle him up! They only stayed out for about 5 minutes and were welcomed back in to some hot chocolate! Yummy!

My boys bundled up!

Watching Daddy make a snow angel.

Michael wasn't interested in trying it!

Giving me a thumbs up!

Well you made it through this long post. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!